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High Reliability E32 Series

E32 Hex-Brick 125W

     With our patented converter topology and the circuit designs that validated during past 10 years, the high reliability E32 series is the most advanced product Glary ever introduced to set new standard on operating temperature and pressure ranges. Even with thick metal case, its fully regulated outputs with 230W/in3 power density and more than 94% of conversion efficiency are still the performance benchmarks of the dc-dc industry today.

    By employing Glary proprietary UltraFast i-Limit technology, the E32 can deliver long duration high current to drive
high-surge-current non-Ohmic loads without risk from the destructive "short circuit current runaway" phenomenon caused by serious fault condition. The build-in droop current share scheme allows multiple E32 modules connected in parallel to balance their output current without additional current share bus.

    The construction of E32 module is intentionally designed to be as small as possible for high resistance to extreme environmental conditions such as the pressure change from deep sea to the edge of space, and temperature change from the polar to boiler side. The smallest double-side mountable high-strength metal package has lowest internal thermal resistance, which ensures lowest temperature rise and smallest space occupied that makes it is suitable for ultra- high-density applications.

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E32 Hex-Brick
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Hot Spring
100Bar Compressed Water
Model Number
Available Models
Standard Model Stock

Available Features
Parameter Range and Functions

E3248240 36V~75V 24V/5A 1
Input range
18V~36V and 36V~75V

E3248120 36V~75V 12V/10A
Output current
0.4X~1.0X of rated IO

E3248050 36V~75V 5.0V/25A
Output voltage
factorized +10%/- 25% of rated VO

E3224240 18V~36V 24V/5A 1
Trim range +10% to -40%
E3224120 18V~36V 12V/10A 1
Temperature -60ºC to 130ºC
E3224050 18V~36V 5.0V/25A 1
Packaging Metal-Enclosed

Pin length

Isolation 1.5kVdc

Pressure range 1mBar~100Bar

Protection OTP, OVP and OCP with CCL or Hiccup

Current sharing Droop-method or None

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