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High Reliability UH Series 

UH Half Brick 800W

    The UH series is based on the long term supported UH platform introduced from more than 10 years ago. Its 800W output power in 1/2 brick package and fully regulated outputs with more than 94% of conversion efficiency are the top benchmarks of the dc-dc industry today. 

    The embedded active current sharing loop with anti-back-driving circuit allow multiple UH modules can be connected in parallel without external OR-ing devices for high power application performing better energy efficiency and higher reliability compared with convention discrete solutions. With proprietary UltraFast i-Limit technology, the so called "Short circuit current runaway" caused by serious fault condition can be eliminated, it removes the limitations of driving high-surge-current non-Ohmic loads and makes UH modules much more suitable for different application fields and further result in more than 30 customized models are available now.

    The optional metal-enclosed package with vacuum potted high thermal conductivity silicone help the UH modules to resist moisture, oil, dust and harsh vibration, and improve the heat transfer from the junction of power semiconductor chips to surrounding effectively file:///media/chou/Data/Glary/Web/WebActive/Pimproving the system reliability and simplifying the high-power system design.

Open-Frame UH800W

Metal-Enclosed UH800W
Model Number
Available Models
Standard Model Stock

Available Customization
Parameter Range and Functions

UH48480 36V~75V 48.0V/19A 4 20
Input range
9V~75V, 2X~4X

UH48280 36V~75V 28.0V/27A
5 20
Output current
0.4X~1.0X of rated IO

UH48120 36V~75V 12.0V/67A 6 20
Output voltage
factorized +10%/- 25% of rated VO

UH48050 36V~75V 5.0V/120A 1 20 Trim range +10% to -30%
UH48033 36V~75V 3.3V/145A 1 20 Temperature -40ºC to 110ºC
UH24480 18V~36V 48V/10.5A 7 0 Packaging Open-frame or Metal-Enclosed
UH24280 18V~36V 28V/18A 10 0 Pin length
0.12", 0.16", 0.20" and 0.24"

UH24120 18V~36V 12V/42A 3 0 Base-plate
1,3 and 5mm metal-plate or heat-sink-plate

UH24050 18V~36V 5V/100A 1 0 Isolation

UH24033 18V~36V 3.3V/120A 1 0 Protection OTP, OVP and OCP with CCL or Hiccup
Non-Standard 9V~75V 3.3V~48V 6 0 Current Sharing Active or None

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